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Lagging for Friction Drive Belts

A lagging provides an advantage for drum motors, particularly for wet applications and in food processing, with its typical hygienic...

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Lagging for Modular Plastic Belts

Based on the specifications of the specific belt manufacturer, up to 38 teeth mesh with the profile of the most common modular plastic...

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Lagging for Positive Drive Belts

The lagging made of Interroll Premium Hygienic PU is suitable for applications in food processing with high hygienic requirements: Easy to...

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Backstops prevent a run-back of the belt and load when the power supply is off. Since such a stop is installed directly at the rotor shaft...

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In principle, static or dynamic balancing can be applied - depending on requirement or motor type. The goal in each case is to reduce...

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Electromagnetic brakes

To safely hold loads on reversible inclined and declined conveyors, electromagnetic brakes are used. They operate via rectifiers. The...

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Electromagnetic brakes on drum motors are operated via rectifiers. Different versions are available depending on the applications: Half-wave...

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If speed, direction and position of the belt or load are to be permanently monitored and controlled, the use of an encoder is recommended....

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