Interroll Products

Alignment Conveyor RM 8240

The alignment conveyor guides products diagonally to the transport direction to a side frame and aligns them to the side guide, if necessary. The side guide must be suitable for this purpose.

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Straight RM 8210 / 8212

The roller conveyor powered by 400 V is available in 2 operating modes.

The permanently powered flat belt conveyor RM 8210 serves as a transport conveyor that requires only one 400-V drive for long distances up to 15 m.

With the use of electrical actuators, the conveyor can also be operated as zero pressure accumulation conveyor (RM 8212), either completely or partially. These actuators, which can also be retrofitted, are powered by 24-V drives and can be controlled by the Interroll controllers for zero pressure accumulation operation.

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Curve RM 8220

The roller conveyor curves change the direction of transport of the material. The alignment of the material is maintained within the side frames by tapered rollers. The flat belt-driven curve is driven either by an adjacent straight module or by a separate head drive. Accumulation mode is not possible in powered 400-V curves.

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Merge RM 8230

The merge is used for connecting lateral roller tracks at an angle (30° or 45°) to the main track. This can be used for moving material off the track (e.g. with HPD (High Performance Divert)) or onto the track.

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Heavy Conveyors & Components

The Interroll Heavy range offers handling solutions for thetransportation of heavy goods on Euro, GKN Chep or industry specific pallets with unit loads of up to 15000 N (1500kg)

using combinations of the following component parts:

  • Roller Conveyor Modules (Driven Or Non- Driven)

  • Transfer Car

  • Chain Transfer

  • Turntable

  • Combination of transfer cars and turntables

This allows system designers to concentrate on more important tasks such as system integration, layout planning, controls, installation and commissioning.

Examples of conveyed goods:

  • Euro Pallets

  • GKN Chep Pallets

  • Industry Specific Pallets

  • Heavy Products

Typical Applications:

  • Warehousing Systems

  • Distribution Centers


  • Individual modules can be easily combined

  • Simple installation of modules on site

  • Simple installation of sensors and control peripherals using profile T slots

  • Integral cable channels

  • Pre-assembled modules ready for use

  • Low maintenance

  • Low top of roller height

  • Proven Interroll quality rollers

  • Product guidance using roller mounted guide flanges

  • Modern aesthetic design

  • Robust construction

  • Drive: 3-phase, 400 V/50 Hz or 460 V/60 Hz

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