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RM 8711 Interroll High Performance Divert (HPD) 24 V Master

The High Performance Divert (HPD) is used for diverting unit loads, preferably with smooth bottom surfaces, at different angles onto a lateral track to the right or to the left. The HPD is available in two drive variants:

  • HPD 24-V master, for which 24-V motors are used as travel and swivel drives
  • HPD 400-V master, for which the travel drive from the flat belt conveyor is used, and the swivel drive is powered by a separate 24-V motor

One HPD module can consist of several cassettes, each 120 mm long, depending on the size of the product.

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Transfer RM 8731

The Transfer 24 V is used for diverting or merging onto a roller track suitable material at a 90° angle. In the process, the unit load changes direction and its orientation, i.e. the side of the product will now be the leading edge after the transfer.

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Lift-Up Gate RM 8830

The lift-up gate swivels upward to provide a walkway, or access from one side of the conveyor to the other. This allows access to the rear of the conveyor, and the ability to plan quicker escape routes, in case of an emergency. The pivoting movement is operated by an innovative rotary mechanism.

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End Stop RM 8811

The end stop is a permanently mounted attachment, for stopping and accumulating of approaching material. The end stop is used at the end of sloped or friction roller conveyors, or as a secure termination of all other conveyor lines.

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Blade stop RM 8812

The Interroll blade stop is an electrically operated stop that is raised between the roller pitches in order to stop or accumulate material. Stops are often used in conjunction with conveyor components, such as transfers and pushers, to align products or coordinate processes.

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Lift RM 6006

The lifting station consists of a column construction and a carriage upon which a roller conveyor is mounted. A worm gear motor with brake is used as a drive unit to raise and lower the carriage via a belt.

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Lift RM 6008

This vertical conveyor consists of a column construction and a carriage upon which conveyor components can be mounted. Lifting motion is performed by two toothed belts. The planned drive is located at the top. Integrating an encoder is possible. This lift can optionally be used at higher speeds and in several approach positions.

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Pusher ST 6110

The pusher pushes materials away at a 90° angle to the conveying direction. This is done gently despite high speeds, thanks to the electrically powered crank mechanism.

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