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You have the choice: In our new catalog you can find all the rollers, wheels and conveyor elements you need to construct a high-performance, reliable conveyor system.

Comprehensive technical data and a clear layout support you in finding the right solution for an ideal material flow. An indispensable work tool for all those who value outstanding quality and quick delivery times.

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In the title role

Rollers for all seasons

Since 1959, Interroll has produced far more than 500 million conveyor rollers for their customers. As the inventor of the modern conveyor roller, the company has risen to the top of the global market for key intralogistics products. Our rollers are available in a wide variety of sizes and versions, which perform a host of different tasks. A look at our some of our very special top performers.

Strong performance

The heavyweight among our conveyor rollers: Series 3950. This heavy-duty roller can bear static loads of up to 5000 N per roller.

Slim appearance

In excellent shape: Series 1100, with its diameter of 16 mm, is the slimmest of our conveyor rollers. You may not find it on the catwalk, but it comes in useful at the checkout counter.

Fast endurance runner

The all-round athlete among our rollers: Series 1700, our universal conveyor roller, is one of the fastest conveyor rollers on offer. It ensures a maximum conveyor speed of 2 m/s, and possibly even faster in project business depending on the application.

Loves the water

Of all the conveyor rollers, this one feels most at home in wet environments: The series 1500 slide bearing conveyor rollers do not contain any ball bearings, meaning water cannot cause any damage.

Hot stuff

Loves warmth: Series 1200 has no problem handling even high heat. The metal bearing housings allow for a maximum temperature of more than 80 °C.

Effective brake

No speeding: The MSC50 magnetic speed controller slows down material to be conveyed up to a weight of 35 kg with a magnetic eddy current brake.

Of Rollers and Men

"In our roller production, we combine quality, flexibility and speed. Worldwide, we produce according to the Interroll Production System (IPS), which is derived in large parts from Kaizen methods, which are also used by leading car manufacturers. Worldwide, more than 13 million rollers in 60,000 variants leave our factories each year. We always produce on to order, even with the smallest order quantities. By the way, 50 percent of the production orders include fewer than ten rollers and can be delivered with a delivery time of 24 hours if desired."

Armin Lindholm, Managing Director

Global Center of Excellence Rollers & RollerDrive

"I get the products from Interroll delivered to my requirements in the shortest possible time - in the right quantity, in the right place."

Bertram Kaufmann, Managing Director

Kaufmann Systems AG

"Since many years we use rollers from Interroll for our conveyor systems and special machinery. When we place an order for rollers with Interroll, we know that the specified delivery date will be met. This is of crucial importance for us as it ensures that we keep our delivery promise to our customers."

Thomas Roess, Chief Executive Officer

A.H. Meyer Maschinenfabrik GmbH

Climate of Excellence

How we ensure the highest quality

Here, things are running smoothly:

The global Interroll Competence Center in Wermelskirchen focuses on conveyor rollers, RollerDrive and controls.

The site is responsible for all technical topics within the international Interroll Group — from development, to application engineering through to production and the support of regional Interroll sites.

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